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Your dental health affects everything from your heart to your self-esteem. Boost your confidence and alleviate painful oral issues with our wide array of services.

No need to visit multiple locations for dental work, dentures, and cosmetic teeth whitening. Your needs are met, all in one

convenient stop

You can rest easy under our care. With over 25 years of experience Dr. Dominguez has extensive training in restorations and full mouth rehabilitation. Board Qualified Prosthodontist.

Most of our staffs have been on board for over 17 years or more. We offer you safe, experienced dental care, without worrying about antiquated methods. You can trust us for modern dental needs that are as painless

as possible.

Prosthetic dentistry care

Your selection of services

How we help you

The staff you will meet

Enhance not only your whole body health and comfort, but also your confidence! Sleep better, alleviate TMJ, and take pride in your smile.

Stunning smiles

We are committed to provide exceptional dental care. It is our goal to help our patients improve their dental health, maintain investment, and provide individualized care for all in a safe comfortable setting.

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